Before you deeply fall in love
you have to figure out
you want the one who you love
or who loves you

think before you leap

advice from my best cloest friend
thank you very much

I my lifeI will choose the one I lovethe one can share my life
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  • Sean Jiang
  • You should choose the one who you <br />
    love and share your life before <br />
    35 <br />
    years old, and then choose the <br />
    one <br />
    who loves you and share with your <br />
    family after 35 years old.
  • eratami
  • thanks Sean.......but does it mean <br />
    the one before 35 is different from <br />
    the one after 35?<br />
  • Sean Jiang
  • That means the change of your mind <br />
    as being around 35 or more. It can <br />
    be the same one, but unfortunately <br />
    they always are different ones. Men <br />
    always can tell from who they really <br />
    love in reasonality. As for <br />